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Raymond ni kiita yo...
in production / documentary series

length: 26' x 47
country of production: Japan
directed by Nathanaël Carton

Youth educational documentary series of 47 episodes.
A French, French Bulldog backpacking across Japan discovers the double-edged world of pets.

Points of Origin
in production / fiction

length: 19'30''
countries of production: India, USA
directed by Anya Leta

Will the relationship between an American radio host and his wife survive the ethical dilemmas of outsourced pregnancy in India?

2013 / documentary

length: 12'52''
country of production: Japan
directed by Nathanaël Carton

A community of tsunami survivors holds onto its existence through pictures recovered from the debris.

Songs from the Farm
2013 / documentary

length: 23'57''
countries of production: China, Singapore
directed by Alice Ho

In rural China, an aging couple of mink farmers live in close quarters. Two years have passed since the death of their son. As they approach retirement and prepare a new home, the couple's bond is severely tested.

Suu and Uchikawa
2011 / fiction

length: 10'57''
countries of production: Japan, Singapore
directed by Nathanaël Carton

An elderly Japanese man and his young Burmese partner find their union at threat when the immigration services discover that she resides in Japan illegally.

about notrac

notrac productions is a Japan-based production company. Located in the heart of Tokyo, its international team is dedicated to develop and finance original film projects set in Asia, for media platforms worldwide. We produce documentary and fiction films (short, series and features) as well as promotional videos. Our directors and producers come from Japan, France, America and Singapore. Because we believe in the universality of strong storytelling, our craft aims to offer foreign perspectives on local, untold stories.

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production office:
notrac productions
Minami-Aoyama 5-5-11-401
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062

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Yoshiko Nomura / Jonathan Berguig
office: +81 (0)3 6427 6609